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Minera Oil

TrackMgmt will install a 4.25 Million cubic meter tank storage capacity for its own production and for the handling of and trade in oil products.
Fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha and bitumen come from places such as Russia, the Baltic states, the United Kingdom and the refineries in the Mediterranean. They are largely destined for the European market, Asia and the Middle East.

The complex is ideal port for oil product trade

TrackMgmt location lies on the route of many international trade flows for the handling of oil products. The complex is ideal for bundling, transhipment or distributing oil products.

Storage of fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, naphtha and kerosene

Tank terminals are fundamental to TrackMgmt strategy. Oil products such as fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, naphtha and kerosene can be stored in the storage tanks until they can be traded or shipped at the right price and in the right quantities. Furthermore, the fuel storage tank locations provide access via inland tankers, to a large part of the west European Union markets.

Ship-to-ship transfers at buoys and dolphins

Besides storage and handling at the tank terminals, TrackMgmt offers safe and efficient ship-to-ship transfers. At these buoys and dolphins oil products can be transferred directly from one seagoing vessel to another or to an inland vessel and vice versa. These are flexible, efficient and risk-free ship-to-ship transfers. Vessels of all sizes can make use of the buoys and dolphins 24/7. The berths are an attractive addition to the transhipment possibilities at the terminals and are a safe alternative for ship-to-ship transfers in open sea. Buoys and dolphins are : accessible 24/7, can handle of dry and liquid bulk, bunkering, repairs, cleaning and lay-by.