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Who We Are

Best Energy Solutions

TrackMgmt is a holding company, that trades: imports, exports, markets, distributes and sales Energy Commodities like Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Biofuels, Power-to-X commodities and is planning to install a Tanker field and a Crude Oil refinery in a technology complex with an estimated area of 5 Million square meters ( 500 Ha – 1,235.53 Acre ) :


TrackMgmt creates economic and social value and plans to realise sustainable growth. The complex is embracing the Sustainable Earthworks and Civil Engineering approach to ensure sustainable construction and maintenance of the infrastructure. We are using sustainability criteria in the design, implementation and maintenance phase of infrastructure projects. For example, using materials with low emissions or a low environmental impact, such as recycled raw materials.

TrackMgmt is looking to raise funds for increasing its Commodities Trading capacity and working capital, Mergers and Acquisitions and equity trading in specific target companies in the same Green Energy sector. In addition, TrackMgmt plans to purchase investment grade securities to hedge against inflation and offset interest rate risk.

The Company management may, when consistent with the Company’s investment objective, buy or sell precious metals ( Bullion Gold, Platinum, Silver ) , options or futures on commodities or an index of securities, or enter into interest rate or foreign currency transactions, including swaps (collectively, commonly known as derivatives).

TrackMgmt shows a cumulative EBITDA in excess of 2.5 Billion over a sampling of 8 years as outlined herein. Security for the investment will be a pledge of Bullion Gold with a total value of $4.5 Billion, the Equity positions in the companies following the borrower’s vertical integration, in addition to the mergers and acquisitions and trading of securities planned and the profits from the trading and commodities distribution.