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Crude Oil

TrackMgmt will install 4.25 Million cubic meter tanker storage for crude oil , that will be destined for the refinery in the complex itself . In addition to the import and crude oil storage as a distribution hub for petroleum.
The location is a very convenient choice for the supply and transit of crude oil in Europe. The crude oil will come mainly from the Middle East and the Black Sea bordering countries. The tank terminal will be located directly on deep water without locks or tides, so it can accommodate even the largest oil tankers such as ULCCs and supertankers with a capacity of 500,000 DWT. Through an extensive network of pipelines, the crude oil will be transported efficiently and safely to the refinery.
Oil tankers unload crude oil at crude oil terminal then, the oil is mixed to the specifications of the refinery, which is called blending. The crude oil terminal then pump the crude oil to the refinery through the pipeline. At the refinery, the crude oil is processed into various oil products, such as petrol, diesel, LPG, fuel oil and naphtha.